Orestis Konstantinidis takes us through a presentation/tutorial of the new Navigation system and Interface elements of Maxon’s Cinema 4D R13.

Cinema 4D R13 also includes a new physically accurate rending engine, true depth of field effects, new sub surface scattering effects and a shared image sample that combines sampling for multiple effects such as motion blur, DOF, area shadows, AO and such. In addition Cinema 4D R13 has new stereoscopic 3D workflow throughout the application including stereo camera conversion, stereo image workflow and preview, and new picture viewer support. There are also a number of improvements in Character tools allowing them to be more accessible with features such as a new character object, a new cMotion system, a new muscle system allowing for custom shaped muscles, and a new collision deformer to round out the toolset.

For a complete list of features and what is new in Cinema 4D R13, be sure to check out the press release over at Maxon.