On the heals of the Foundry’s nuke 6.3 Release, Jack Binks updates J_Ops which adds support for Nuke 6.3. Check out the post on Major Kong’s site for more detailed info on the J_Ops set of scripts for Nuke here.

J_Ops is a suite of Nuke ops adding the ability to analyse the source image and draw histograms, vectorscopes, parades & waveforms, extending the dSLR raw reader to add support for Nikon & DNG raw files, performing ASC CDL compliant colour corrections via an intuitive onscreen interface, and building high dynamic range radiance maps from series of low dynamic range photographs.

Features in J_Ops 1.0v1a9

  • J_GeoManager: a 3D tool designed to give you access to info on the underlying 3D scene, as well as manipulating and deleting objects and attributes in the stream.
  • J_GotSomeID: fast and streamlined toolset for working with and extracting mattes from object ID and coverage passes.
  • J_ZKeyer: extraction of depth mattes and configuration of z blurring tools via an intuitive eyedropper based interface, as well as real world modelling of camera parameters for depth of field matching.
  • J_ZMaths: providing simple conversions between the variety of depth matte encodings used by different 3D renderers.
  • A whole bunch of cool new icons for the tools, courtesy of MrAndrew Hake. Thanks Andrew!
  • An updated Libraw for J_rawReader, adding support for new cameras including as the Canon 60D & 1100D, faster decoding, and additional exposed functionality such as exposure compensation and a range of additional noise reduction tools.