Cinema 4D master Douwe shows his solution from a Robert Leger Xpresso task where Douwe goes about creating a node with deformers on objects in a hierarchy in Cinema 4D. This little demonstration actually builds on an xpresso tutorial buddy Balazs which is about using a FallOff Node with Deformers on Objects in a Hierarchy. ( )

Douwe notes on his video: “It features a classic COFFEE Script by Per-Anders Edwards, named “Generate Nulls on Mograph”. ( ), that allows for automagically creating copies of Objects referencing Mograph clones.

It’s a very powerful technique, and it has a lot of uses. Although many a seasoned c4d’er knows how to use this script for its original purpose (generating Nulls with Comp Tags for export to AE) or in a popular set up for Baking purposes, it often surprises me that most are not aware of its potential for different applications.”