Yader in experimenting with softbody techniques in Cinema 4D provides a quick tip in using the Cinema 4D Jiggle Deformer for Softbody like deformations with some really great results!

Yader writes: “Here’s the core technique used in my softbody experiment (yader labs #1 vimeo.com/?30872365) – as you can see the topology is very important here. While you disconnect the selected polygon groups you should be careful because the phong shading gets broken on the affected polygon isles. Baking the normals can avoid these shading artifacts. The most important setting here is the jiggle deformer’s springs parameter. You have to set it to zero as otherwise the polygons will try to get back to their original position. This zero setting results in deforming the object without any jiggling effect. I admit that this technique has it’s flaws and downsides but it’s too much fun for leaving it without attention. Happy jiggling.”