How to Create Draping Cloth in Cinema 4D

Pixelwolf shares how to create nice-looking draping cloth in Cinema 4D using dynamics.

A lot of artists will have dedicated cloth tools for creating things like draping cloth on furniture, bedding, and other elements. One of the most popular tools for working with cloth and clothing is Marvelous Designer. Although dedicated tools offer some more advanced workflows while still making it easy to create elements, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work with the tools that you already have. With Cinema 4D, you can create nice-looking cloth effects using Soft Bodies and Dynamics.

Tutorial author PixelWolf, shows how to work with C4D’s soft body dynamics to create a draping cloth effect over top of some furniture. The tutorial covers a lot of tips and tricks so you can get the best result and the most details from the cloth simulations. Once you have a cloth that you are happy with, have a look at how to shade it using Arnold for C4D. MographPlus makes use of the new sheen in Arnold to create unbelievable looking fabric shaders.