2ndreality has posted some adventures in Voxelization in Softimage ICE and also made the experimental compounds available for download. There are some interesting things here including Voxelization on a mesh, multi resolution Voxels on a mesh, and a subVoxelizator.

softimage compound

voxelized plane with texture property
shape instance (lego piece) distributed by pointclound

1.voxelize deromed mesh(grid, deform by surface)
2.voxelized planar mesh and deform voxel pointcloud by uv’s on nurbs surfaces (sphere—grid)
3.Create point from grid (subdivaded) and deform by nurbs uv’s

planar mesh= less voxel (u dont have to add all points in volume a delete unused …)

based on “UV Deform On Mesh” by http://www.matkovic.com/anto

unwrap 3d mesh to plane voxelize and deform back to 3d…



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