MagicaVoxel Adds Frame Animation to the Voxel Editor

If you love work that has that retro feel, you are already familiar with the 8-bit pixel look. Taking that a step further to 3D, you can get the retro look with voxels. Voxels are what drive MagicaVoxel.

If you’ve never heard of MagicaVoxel, it is pretty amazing. It is ephtracy’s free and lightweight 8-bit Voxel editor, with interactive path tracing. And it is fun as hell.

The latest version of MagicaVoxel adds the ability for frame based animation. While animation features are rudimentary, it does offer foundation for more in future versions. You can now create up to 24 frame animations with the free voxel editor, perfect for making looping gifs.



The latest version also adds some new user interface features. New saving functions run through the application. Materials used in the scene are now saved in the vox file.

MagicaVoxel is free for use, and works on both MacOS and Windows systems.