The *great* Robert Leger looks a paralleling the After Effects Wiggle expression in Cinema 4D with Xpresso, going beyond the Cinema 4D Vibrate Tag with a more advanced technique. Robert begins by looking at the Wiggle expression in After Effects with a quick refresher. For more great tutorials, tips, and all things cinema 4D related, visit Robert Leger and be not disappointed.

Robert Leger Writes: This half-hour Counterparts-tutorial offers some ways to create random movement in Cinema 4D. In After Effects this is achieved by using the “wiggle”-expression. In Cinema 4D there is the “vibrate”-tag, but i’ll show you a more advanced technique using Xpresso, as well.

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  1. Hello there,
    You mentioned not knowing why the uniform scale seemed to have no effect when using the vibrate tag. In your example you were using a primitive cube which does not allow for non-uniform scale. I believe if you were to use a mesh (or any non-primitive) the vibrate tag would function as expected.

    Thanks for the post!

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