Omino has recently updated its Python implementation for After Effects where you are able to write Python Scripts to draw into a layer of an After Effects Composition. Amung the changes to Omino Python are a sporadic crash fix that could happen during text rendering, Omino Python No longer installs any files in /opt/local or /usr/local and is now completely unlocked (no license needed for full use). For more information on Omino Python for After Effects and to download Omino Python and Documentation, check Omino here.

The Mac OS X version of Omino Python has been updated. An installer for it — and all my other After Effects plug-ins are in the downloads section here.
For anyone just tuning in, Omino Python is an After Effects plug-in that lets you write scripts to draw into a layer of an After Effects composition. It’s a lot like writing BASIC on your old Apple ][.