The Chaos Group posts a short video showing some of the newest features added to the recently released V-Ray 2.0 Service Pack which includes V-Ray RT improvements for support with the Blend Material as well as improved V-Ray RT functionality in general. There is also a new type of V-Ray Node added called VRayPtex which allows the render of Ptex textures with V-Ray.

The Chaos Group writes: A short video describing the new features in the latest service pack for V-Ray 2.0. The main improvements include support for the V-Ray Blend material for the V-Ray RT on GPU as well as improved functionality of V-Ray RT as a whole. A new type of texture node called VRayPtex allows you to render ptex textures with V-Ray. Additionally small improvements have been made to the VRayMultiSubTex, VRaySun and VRayFastSSS2.