Pavlov Philipp shows of his findings in creating a great particle flowing animation using RealFlow, Thinking Particles and Cinema 4D and has provided this handy little breakdown on how to control color, orientation and the size of particles based on velocity.

Pavlov Philipp writes: I made 30 groups of particles, for each group setup own PShape with material (30 mat, 30 object, 30 TPgroup). And change group depending there speed. If you dont understood you should watch video.


0:22 – Setup simple emitter
3:05 – Control Scale depending on velocity.
5:30 – Convert Velocity(Vector) to Speed(real)
11:00 – Apply colors from image on mat.
16:40 – Setup xpresso for color changer.
22:10 – Making of “Liquid test 1”.

I hope this was helpful!

UPD: The easier way