Duncan Brinsmead creator of Maya Paint Effects, Maya Hair, Maya Toon posts a quick tutorial on creating a boiling water effect in Maya using Maya Fluids.

This is really an exercise in creative process showing that a seemingly difficult task can have a simple and elegant solution by creating the boiling water with a Maya Fluid container, some randomly sized Polygon Spheres, a lattice deformer, and a Fluid Collision.

Check out the post for Creating a Boiling Water Effect in Maya Using Maya Fluids here.

Duncan Brinsmead writes: This scene file shows an easy set up for a relatively fast to simulate boiling water effect using Maya Fluids. Creating a convincing boiling transparent liquid can be problematic, because of the internal bubbles and the way they affect the surface. When each bubble comes to the top it needs to displace the liquid at the top of the surface then burst… not simply open up a hole. Also the larger bubbles are not simple spheres but can deform somewhat.