Maya fluids are an easy system to get smoke, clouds, or any other type of gaseous effect quickly. One of the strongest points about Maya dynamics is that they are not closed system. You can use other elements such as wind, gravity and even particles to affect the Maya Fluid containers.

Here, eosacro takes a look into creating an effect where the Maya Fluids appear to be dissolving or being eaten away. This dissolve effect can be created by incorporating particles to affect the Maya Fluid container.

More Resources for Working With Maya Fluids and Particles

John Zilka showed how to create an underwater sand effect. This is done by combining Maya fluids and particles driven by simple expressions.

Particles and fluids are a great combination for creating explosion effects. Autodesk’s Duncan Brinsmead showed off an example that used Maya’s nParticle Emitters, dynamic fields, and Maya Fluids to create a Roman Candle Fireworks Effect. Duncan also shared some other great effects using Maya Fluids and particles.

Also, along the same lines, Mike Haas from Happy Wasteland Studios demonstrated building a small scale explosion.

Nika Ragua demonstrates how to create a volcanic eruption effect as an example of getting Softimage ICE particles driving a simulation with Autodesk Maya Fluids.