Film making Webinars posts a part of a webinar featuring Ben Brownlee as he takes a look at using Mocha Pro for Rotoscoping and shows how to generate mattes and mask shapes quickly. Roto work is a core VFX skill and is used for many different types of shots, including rig removal, product replacement shots and even color grading. It is also often very time consuming to get it right.

Notice that Ben is using the pre-release of mocha 3 which was previewed recently as Imagineer Systems has taken the wraps off what is in store for the next version of mocha pro, and mocha AE version 3, Imagineer’s complete VFX tool for creating roto, removes, and planar tracking footage.

The mocha 3 teaser video shows:

  • new layer capabilities
  • a new dope sheet environment for easy management of keyframes
  • Bounding boxes for splines
  • enhancements in rotoscoping tools
  • and a new 3D camera solver including solving Pan Tilt Zoom, Small Parallax Changes, and Large Parallax Changes