ShaderBox, the visual node based RenderMan shader management tool recently reached Version 1.0 and although there doesn’t appear to be a lot of changes from its previous version, Pantheon Studios is making an offer to purchase ShaderBox at a special promotional price of $149 which will stand until 30th April 2012.

Check out ShaderBox RenderMan Shader tool here for more information.

ShaderBox provides a customized workflow to create RenderMan shaders interactively through graphical user interface which will allow you to craft RenderMan Shaders without any programming involved. ShaderBox hosts plenty of features including:

  • Customized Interface
  • Unlimited Undo-Redo
  • Canvas navigation. (Zoom, Pan, Region Zoom, Region/Zoom Selection etc.)
  • Multiple shader creation in tabbed interface.
  • Live preview mode.
  • Easy XML based shader templates.
  • Function or code based shaders.
  • User friendly Attribute Editor.
  • Collapsible visual node on canvas.
  • Attribute as shader parameters.
  • Shader annotations.
  • Custom preview RIBs.
  • Color coded connections.
  • Connection Manager.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste node network in between shaders.
  • Selective AOV compilation.
  • Pipeline integration using comm port.