James Zanoni looks not only at how to render after effects projects using the terminal, but also explains a bit about why this becomes relevant in a production environment. James also shows this using the drag and drop app AERender from Andrew Hake.

James Zanoni writes: This tutorial will guide you through using Terminal Rendering in After Effects. This will allow you to :

  • Render while still working on your After Effects project file.
  • Render from multiple machines.
  • Render Multiple projects simultaneously
  • Render using allotments of 2 gigs of RAM from your machine

Download the app for this here and make sure to check out the rest of the site. You can also donate to help keep awesome stuff like this coming!:

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  1. thanks a lot bro!!
    i love your blog!!

    this is “EXACTLY” what i was searching !! 😀

    now i will send ur link to my all multimedia student friend 😀

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