Martin Brennand from Imagineer Systems show the new 3D camera solve capabilities of the new to be released Mocha 3, and also provides some contextual distinctions for the 3D Camera Solve in Mocha 3 versus other 3D Tracking workflows.

Also of note is FxGuide with a great advanced look at the new up-and-coming release of Mocha v3 which features some great new additions and refinements for any visual effects work including

  • a new dope sheet for shifting and editing keyframes
  • new layer management tools, the ability to merge and share mocha projects
  • new rotoscoping refinements in transforming and joining splines
  • and a new 3D camera solver that provides export for After Effects, Nuke Maya, and Cinema 4D.

Check out FxGuide’s First look: Imagineer’s mocha v3 here.