Allegorithmic posts a great overview of some of the new features in Substance Designer 2.5 including how to extract maps such as curvature map, normal map, ambient occlusion map, and how to transform UV to SVG.

Recently Substance designer has updated a bit to version 2.5.1 including the enhancements:

Package explorer

  • New “Show in explorer/finder” option on linked resources
  • New “Relocate” option on linked resources


  • Optional normal map can now be loaded from a package
  • New “material id” colour mode to UV to Svg, the material id colours can be set in the scene objects tree

2D view

  • New Colour Information toolbox
  • New a zoom widget
  • New lock option for image scale

3D view

  • Longitude/latitude environment maps are now supported


  • New options to copy/cut elements to New SVG
  • New “Paste in Place” option
  • New Polygon mode to the Extrude tool

Bug Fixes

  • Comments position in function are not reset anymore
  • The 2D view position is now constant
  • Changing Input default value updates the graph again
  • Fixed crash when a mesh resource was missing
  • Closing the Save dialogue window now acts as Cancel