The Red9 StudioPack for Maya, a powerful pack of tools and scripts aimed at speeding up workflow for animators and riggers has updated with some new functionality to the PoseManager inlcuding a new PoseGUI with support for thumbnails and text list views and storing and loading poses directly from or to the selected objects.

The Studio Pack is designed to improve workflow for animators and riggers based on years of professional experience. The pack is all Python and validated on Maya 2008 upwards. It includes a Python Snap plugin used throughout the Animation toolset to snap nodes together regardless of pivots (this is not a simple delete(parentConstraint)) Check out the freeware Red9 StudioPack for Maya here.

red9 writes: This is a demo of the new functionality in the Red9 StudioPack v1.23 for Maya. New PoseGUI that supports thumbnails and txt list views. This is a general workflow demo of the pose system, all based on the Hierarchy filtering like the rest of the toolset. Poses can also be stored and loaded directly from/to the selected objects, or using the filters it can process complex rig hierarchies to find the required controllers. There are a number of presets that I ship including one for HIK which is fully supported throughout the toolchain.