Charles Rowland (@RagingClaw) has created a tutorial for his technique for melting objects in Cinema 4D by keying an FFD deformer in Cinema 4D.

Charles is the creator of Buffer Booster for Cinema 4D which is designed to save time by creating Object Buffers in Cinema 4D for all objects in a scene and inserts them into the multipass. Buffer Booster for Cinema 4D is available for the nominal cost of $10.00 on the newly designed & launched here.

Charles Rowland writes: Well, enough people have finally threatened my life that i decided that it was time… time to get back in there… time to get the word out that I am a force to be reckoned with! Then i realized i wasnt in a movie and turned on my laptop and opened up Cinema 4D.
This is the **short** version. I made no prep at all and what literally takes 5 minutes ended up being 30 minutes… i could not bare it… the pain.. it was terrible. Image if you will, being killed… that is what it was like… I decided, after being reanimated by the Witch Doctor i will soon become when i get Diablo 3 tomorrow (May 15, 2012), that i would spare you of this pain… that i would simply give you… the goods.
This video has no modeling, no lighting, no texturing… seriously… this technique has been covered by other people in the past year soooooo yeah… i model the bottle and table in the long version.. seriously.. its hilarious.. make sure to get a bag of popcorn before you watch it. Ill upload the long version later so you can watch me fumble around like a retard and call myself names and stuff. it’ll be FUN!