How to Use Pose Morph to Save FFD States in C4D

Ace5 Studios Offers Some Tips for Working C4D’s FFD, Such as the Animation and Transfer of Info Using Pose Morph.

Cinema 4D’s FFD tool is a lattice deformer that you can place on to any heavy polygon object to quickly change its shape. In a pinch, you can also use it for animation. Barring point level animation, there is a way to animate the position of the FFD points, and that is just one of the benefits from Aleksey Voznesenski’s latest tutorial.

Aleksey covers how to use the deformer in C4D more effectively by pairing it with the Pose Morph tool. Using this technique, you can virtually store states for the deformation and then animate between them. Using the Pose Morph this way also has another added benefit: You can use it to transfer information between multiple objects. Deform away!