Andrew Hazelden has ported the Domemaster3D Lens Shader [previously available for Maya and 3ds MAX] to Softimage. The Domemaster3D Stereo Lens Shader is a custom mental ray shader that creates a stereoscopic 3D fisheye image. The lens shader provides advanced controls to optimize the viewing experience for stereoscopic dome renderings. This shader is based upon Roberto Ziche’s DomeAFL_FOV_Stereo lens shader for 3DSMax and Daniel Ott’s Dome_AFL lens shader.

Check out the Domemaster3D Lens Shader for Softimage here.

This package also includes the 2D angular fisheye DomeAFL_FOV and DomeAFL_WxH lens shaders. The Domemaster 3D lens shader works with the Windows 64-bit version of Softimage.  For a Linux 64-bit version of the shader check out the Google Code page listed below.