Boundary VFX has a slew of helper scripts for visual effects artists who are using Silhouette in their pipeline for rotoscope and masking work. The latest of which is bvfx Import Nuke Corner Pin which is a script that will import copied Nuke Corner Pin nodes or Mocha data from Clipboard into Silhouette as 4 point trackers. Use it to quickly transfer Planar tracking data from Nuke or Mocha into Silhouette.

Check out the Boundry FX scripts for Silhouette FX here.

If you are not familiar with Silhouette FX, it is an application that does one thing, and does it extremely well. That thing is to provide the tools that you will need to generate a fantastic matte for your vfx work simply, quickly and accurately – thats it, and also what more would you need? To that end, silhouette provides a simple node based workflow where the major nodes represent roto, paint, effects, keying and composites while allowing you to generate, import and export tracking and roto path information from from your favourite workhorse compositor including adobe after effects.