Red9, makers of the Red9 Studio tools for Maya, have posted an early look at a MetaClass API for Maya whose purpose is to manage and wrap data to a Maya MetaNode system. The MetaClass API in the long run could provide a generic method of managing Maya Rig structures as well as marking data without having to write your own API. Red9’s example is that you’re able to make an mClass rig node and hook the rig up to that making retrieval of controllers etc a doddle!

Red9 Writes: This is a brief demo of the initial Red9 MetaClass Python API aimed at managing and wrapping data to a Maya MetaNode system. All data is serialized to Maya network nodes so is stored with the scene. There’s handling for JSON serializing of complex data and retrieving that data back in a very neat and simple Pythonic manner, getting the data back directly from the Maya node but in a completely seamless way.