The Red9, creators of the Red9 StudioPack suite of scripts and tools for Maya TD’s and Animators, are currently working on some big new upgrades. The updated will be for Red9 StudioPack, and also a new “ProPack”.

First sneak peek of the Red9 ProPack features

Here Mark Jackson runs through a sneak Peek at the Animation Re-Director tools destined for the new pack.

Animation Re-Director offers a powerful set of tools that can re-direct any animation. It does this by caching the animation data on an editable motion path.

This allows you to easily edit and change the path, and therefore the direction of your animation. This is a valuable system for people who work with cutscenes, film or pre-vis.

Studio Pack is also getting some huge upgrades in preparation for the Pro-Pack release. This will include lots of extra support for transfer methods to take data between rigs, new animation file format, extensions to the pose format and a ton of other features and tweaks.

Check back with the Red9 website for more details on the Red9 ProPack of tools.