How to Use RubberHose 3 RubberRig to Quickly Rig Characters in Ae

Jake In Motion shows how to rig characters quickly using RubberRig in RubberHose 3 for After Effects.

Rubberhose is a great and easy solution for character rigs in After Effects. RubberHose 3 has an auto-rigging tool that lets you quickly rig raster (pixel-based) elements. Rubber hose style characters are a term used to refer to a soft bend in the limbs.

In this video, Jake in Motion (Jake Bartlett) shows how to use the RubberRig system to rig raster character artwork made from cut-and-paste photos.

The process is straightforward; you can actively participate using the same artwork.

The tutorial also covers refining your character rig, incorporating custom controllers, constructing additional layer controls, and streamlining the system into a few controllers.