Marco Giordano posts a basic rigging tutorial for Autodesk Maya where he shows how to rig a bucket. I know what you may be thinking… that’s an odd object to rig, and it is! However Marco originally created the tutorial for a friend who needed it for a specific shot and still decided to share with the community. Marco describes the Bucket Rigging tutorial as

“a basic tutorial about how to rig a bucket in maya, I hope this tutorial can help beginner rigger or even animators…”

Although rigging a bucket for animation at first appears to be a straightforward task, there are a couple of concepts that really come through in the rigging process such as multiple pivots for the handle, the bucket and their relationship to each other. As well as creating standard controls of each of the bucket’s parts and how the bucket might interact with characters in a scene. All an interesting reminder even if you are somewhat accustom to the rigging process in Maya.