GlyphFX has recently made some updates to The Mattepainting Toolkit for Maya (MPTK) and has also provided a look at some of the new features and how they incorporate into a matte painting and projection mapping workflow in Maya.

The new version of the Mattepainting Toolkit is now available for Maya 2012 and 2013 with new features such as viewport layering, support for V-Ray rendering, support for Photosynth SFM data import, and OpenGL updating for projected Animated Sequences.

…The Glyph Software Mattepainting Toolkit is a plugin suite for Autodesk Maya that helps artists build 2.5D and 3D environments from multiple camera projections…

In the video below, GlyphFX shows reconstructing a scene from some base photographs using the PhotoSynth SFM and point cloud data and creates a scene to final render using Mental Ray or V-Ray.

GlyphFX notates the video as “Starting from a set of photographs, the camera positions in 3D space are reconstructed using SFM, along with a point cloud of spatial data, represented as a particle shape in Maya. Modeling begins by using the point cloud as a rough guide, and details are later added by re-projecting the photos onto the geometry to determine where to slice and extrude. The photos are then blended onto the model using a custom shading network, and rendered with Mental Ray or V-Ray”

Basic Workflow for Using the MattePainting Toolkit for Maya

Layering Projections from a Match-moved Camera

Importing PhotoSynth cameras and point-cloud data into Maya MattePainting Toolkit

GlyphFX offers the MattePainting Toolkit for Maya in 2012 and 2013 versions with Node-locked or floating license options for $199.00, and $99.00 for a Render Node (only mental ray and V-Ray shaders for rendering).

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