Adam Everett Miller takes a look at some of the options available for animating text in After Effects, showing the power and functionality of the Text Animator attributes in After Effects.

Today we’ll be jumping into the advanced motion options within the After Effect text “Animator”

Adam covers and explains the use of the Range Selector in After Effects, as well as the Ease High and Ease Low parameters that determine how the text actually animates. Check out the tutorial for Understanding Advanced Text Animator and Controlling Motion in After Effects here.

Text Layers in After Effects have some extra attributes for animation which will allow you to animate components of the text within that layer. This includes the ability to animate transform properties of the type, not the layer itself, scale attributes, skew, rotations, anchors, character offsets, line spacing, character range and a host of other animatable attributes. The entire Text Animator feature is actually quite robust and useful, although misunderstood or underutilized in many cases.