Dimitri continues to develop interesting and creative techniques in Blender, and demonstrates how to use the Blender Grease Pencil tool to create the basics of an interesting shape, then animate that shape in Blender and render it with the Cycles Rendering Engine.

We’re using grease pencil to create an interesting object, animate it using the solidify offset and render it using cycles. Easy workflow for a nice abstract result

Using the Grease Pencil, Dimitri creates some simple lines in space right in the blender viewport which provides a quick way to experiment play with form. Then by converting the grease pencil lines to paths, Dimitri extrudes the paths and ads the Solidify Modifier that provides a thickness and will also be used to create the animation for the Cycles render. In all, this is a really simple way to get animated abstract shapes and forms quickly in Blender. Check out the post over at BlendBlend which shows how to use the Blender Grease Pencil to create Abstract Shapes for Rendering in Cycles here.