Yader, (Derya Öztürk) shows how you are able to pull apart or disintegrate an object in Cinema 4D that has changing topology in answer to a specific forum question on c4dcafe where the question was raised for a way to fragment a SweepNurb object with Thinking Particles.

The key concept involves breaking up the polygons from each other, cloning TParticles onto them, making a copy of the original polygons and then inheriting the TP Motion with an Inheritance Effector

Yader demonstrates a technique for fragmenting a Sweep NURBS object that is animated and has its number of polygons changing over time, and although Yader notes that there are a couple of way to handle something like this, the demonstration really shows the broader concept.

Object disintegration on an object that has changing polygon counts can be achieved breaking up the object’s polygons, then cloning Thinking Particles onto them and making a copy of the original polys and finally passing the thinking Particle motion over with an Inheritance Effector. Be sure to check out Yader’s Cinema 4D tools that he has going on over at C4DTools.net here.


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