Cyrille Fauvel has a great post on the Around The Corner Blog, which is devoted to being a complete resource for plugin developers working with Maya, MotionBuilder, and FBX. Cyrille Fauvel posts an overview of Custom Manipulators in Maya by providing a general introduction with a look at the current Base Manipulator types in Maya.

There are several ways to create and activate manipulators: First, you can create a manipulator on any node in the current scene at any time. You can also create and assign a manipulator for a specific type of object…

Cyrille then continues to describe the ways that you are avle to work with Maya’s Custom Manipulators by either creating a bas manipulator on any node in the current scene on the fly, or by creating a manipulator container and adding a Maya base manipulator as a couple of examples. Cyrille also provides some manipulator examples walking through working with base manipulators, manipulator containers, custom drawing of custom manipulators, and applying manipulators to nodes. All really nerdy stuff!


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