Soon after updating the L3Library for Maya, not surprisingly, LightStorm3D pushes an update to the Maya L3Deformer making it more compatible with Maya 2013, and 2013.5.

L3Deformer is an advanced deformation toolkit for Maya and includes 4 deformers and many support tools to set up deformation effects. The tookit is deeply integrated into Maya, making use of Artisan painting and using advanced techniques such as texture network sampling and control curves

LightStorm3D has also changed up the pricing for the L3Deformer where they have reduced all new license and update prices. Additional licenses are now available at a flat discounted 30%. Check out the up-to-date pricing information for L3Deformer for Maya here.

If you are not familiar with LightStorm3D’s L3Deformer for Maya, it is actually a suite of 4 deformers which include a Collision deformer which will operate in real time, a texture deformer, a surface deformer and a curve deformer which rounds out an incredibly impressive extended deformation toolset for Autodesk Maya.


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