Lightstorm3D shows off a teaser and some functionality for Autodesk Maya that they plan on releasing for the end of May 2011. L3Deformer is an advanced set of 4 deformation tools dealing with collision deformation in Maya. Check out some info on L3Deformer here.

L3Deformer – Collision Deformer from Lightstorm3D on Vimeo.

L3 Teaser 2 (Maya 2011, 2012) from Lightstorm3D on Vimeo.

“The Collision Deformer supports optional relaxing when applied to a polygon mesh. Relaxing affects nearby vertices and thus smoothes the collision effect. The relax function supports additional parameters to control surface tension and remove wrinkles.”

The Collision Deformer allows you to collide objects with polygon geometry, using projected collisions (directional, concentrical and cylindrical). This method does not require a dynamics simulation. Thus the collision effect is computed interactively while moving objects in the scene which provides very good control over the final deformation. Typical applications include indentations like e.g. footprints, shrink wrapping, contact animation, skin sliding (muscles, bones) and high viscosity liquid surface simulation. The deformer can also be used to sculpt the target geometry, using non elastic dynamics.