Aaron Benitez, the VFXBro takes a look at enhancing body types in After Effects using Mocha pro for tracking a more muscular physique on some well planned footage with the help of some simple markers.

New Years Fitness Resolutions got you all stressed out? This tutorial might help, New Set of 3 Tutorials on how to enhance muscle definition and size in After Effects and Mocha

Using a still black and white image, and some colorization tools in After Effects, Aaron creates a new set of abdominal muscles to overlay on top of the footage, masking the area into the footage seamlessly, and attaching it to Mocha’s tracking data.

This Tracking Muscles in After EFfects tutorial will actually be a multi-part look this time concentrating on the abs, and part two will take a look at modifying the biceps and arms as well. Check out the tutorial for Augmenting Muscles Using After Effects here.