A while back,  Nika Ragua Inspired by Paul Smith’s Creating A Simple Fur System Using Strands In Softimage tutorials, showed his own take on how you are able to use some simple and rather clever techniques to have the MultiStrands in Softimage ICE appear to clump together, and now as an extension Nika looks at creating a wet fur effect in Softimage, building on that first tutorial on creating a clumped fur effect in Softimage.

topics covered: paint Weightmap with particles, data transfer between the ICE trees, strand clump controls

Using Particles that will paint a weight map as they fly over a surface, Nika is able to use this to this particle generated weight map as a control for the shape of the clump. It is with this premise that Nika is able to have the clumps look as if they are getting wet, and heavier than the rest of the fur for the surface.