Minor additions and fixes are often the premise for new point releases, but not necessarily in Allegorithmic’s camp however. Recently releasing Substance Designer 3.2 which features a complete redefined the library viewer and provides a way to explore and organize your assets and projects.

Discover a completely redefined Library Viewer/Explorer/Organizer in Substance Designer 3.2

Adding a completely new asset and project management tool into Substance Designer 3.2, you are now able to quickly view all your assets, textures, functions, material filters and others creating a more intuitive way to search through entire libraries easily. The new Library browser also allows you to add favorites and filter by favorites, giving easy access to resources that you use the most.

The new Library System in Substance Designer actually extends a little further than just a method for searching and sorting, allowing you to completely manage and organize your projects letting you add custom paths to your assets as well. Check out the latest release of Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer here, and note that they are still offering Substance Designer as a free trial, or $99.00 for Non-Commercial use. Wes McDermott takes a look at the new Library Feature in Substance Designer 3.2 below.