Flo from FloMotion shows how to create some physical interaction on some shot footage in After Effects adding some After Effects elements that will realistically bounce off of items in the scene using MamoWorld’s iExpressions.

This is the first tutorial presented by a guest host: Welcome Flo from flomotion.eu who is presenting a project he created in After Effects using MochaImport+ and iExpressions

Flow shows how to use the physics simulation found in iExpressions in a shot that has a moving camera, and also shows how to add a realistic shadow to an animated layer using the same physics in iExpressions. Flo also uses another Mamoworld tool for After Effects, MochaImport+ for interacting with tracked data from MochaAE or Mocha Pro.

MamoWorld’s iExpressions takes all the guesswork out of creating expressions by providing a simple interface for creating expressions in After Effects without really writing any code at all, simply by tweaking adjustable parameters. Check out the tutorial for Starting Your Day with After Effects – creating animated interactions with shot footage by using iEpxressions Physical Simulations here.