Don’t be misguided by the name, SolidRocks in not a rock generator for Cinema 4D, it is actually a useful tool for creating and optimizing renders in V-Ray easily. SolidRocks is a kind of V-Ray Wizard utility that will automate the V-Ray scene rendering settings nondestructively when you are rendering with VRayforC4D and Cinema 4D.

SolidRocks is a very useful tool for enhancing workflow efficiency when working with VRay. In this video i show you how it works with Cinema 4D and VRayforC4D

Here Horst Sondermann walks us through using SolidRocks with VrayforC4D in Cinema 4D providing a great overview of its functionality and workflow. SolidRocks for Cinema 4D requires Cinema 4D R13 or above (Windows only at the moment), VrayForC4d, and is available for roughly $84.00 for one license. There is also a functioning SolidRocks lite version that you can download and try out here