The MotionBoutique, creators of the Newton Physics Engine for After Effects have posted a tease in reference to a new upcoming version of Newton 2.0 showing some updates to the user interface.

A quick video overview of some of the new features in Newton 2.0, this new version will be available in the upcoming weeks

Newton 2 has a fresh new and much cleaner look to the user interface, as well as adding some advanced body properties such as an attractor and repulser that can be used to draw or drive back other objects. There is also a new gravity scale setting that can be applied per object now giving you local options as well as global ones.

Another great new feature is the ability to create joints between objects that can be used as constraints, providing custom anchors, and soft distance settings as well as pivot joints, piston joint constraints, and basic spring constraints, which is a huge addition to the toolset in Newton Physics Engine for After Effects.

Newton 2 will have a free trial version, with the retail version coming in around $249, with upgrade pricing roughly $99 from version 1 – Keep your eye on the MotionBoutique for more information on the soon to be released Newton 2 here.