Daniel Gies revisits his “From Paper to After Effects” Series which takes a look at creating and rigging characters from start to finish on paper, in Photoshop, and finally After Effects. Part 5 poses some strategies for preparing the Photoshop files for use in After Effects.

In this video I go through the some things to think about before flattening and saving the Rocket Randee Photoshop file for use in After Effects

Daniel provides some great information here in the way of file management, both inside and outside the applications, also taking the Puppet Tool in After Effects and demonstrating the importance of flattening the folders in Photoshop as much as possible. Daniel provides some tips as well as examples showing some of the concerns when preparing a character’s photoshop file for rigging in After Effects. Check out the tutorial for From Paper to After Effects 05 Preparing Photoshop Files for Use in After Effects here.