Owyn Abram provides an introduction into snow simulation systems that he created, showing a snow falling system, a ground blizzard system, and a foot print system for snow, going over his final year project in studying Bsc Computer Animation at the University of Portsmouth.

This video provides an introduction to my snow simulation systems and focuses on the falling snow system. I talk about how to setup the system, what the controls are, how to use them and how the compound can be modified

Owyn explains his snow system compounds in Softimage ICE and looks at its potential. The snow system was initially built to provide all the features that the scenes and animators needed, and the system was actually built using Exocortex’s SlipstreamVX, which is Exocortex’s tool for simulating and rendering both smoke, wind, dust and fire effects in Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012.