Luxology announces Modo 701 that will feature a new procedural particle engine that will offer the same easy to use modo ideology and preset workflow.

This is in addition to features like a sound channel modifier and audio playback, some schematic improvements that will reduce the scene graph complexity, a completely dedicated dynamics simulation layer which will improve simulation performance significantly, and notably, increases to large scene performance in modo 701 by up to 175 times faster.

Luxology has a modo 701 features tour planned as a webcast for March 25 at 10am pst, and they mention that spaces are in fact limited, so register for the webcast today to reserve your place here.

Luxology are also offering a special deal to people who may own modo, but don’t own modo 601 with, an incentive to upgrade to or buy modo 601 between now and 701’s launch, where you will receive a free upgrade to MODO 701 once released. Not only that, but you’ll SAVE on the planned price increase of a new Individual or Floating License.

For more information on the deals, webcast, or the features of modo 701, check the page at Luxology here.