Ari Danesh with another installment to the training series for procedural modeling in Houdini showing how o model and set up a procedural gear system that will provide the variations for the all of the gear models.

Get ready for some Math and Python as we create a procedural model that automatically places gears into a scene, allows the artist to resize and determine tooth count and depth

Ari creates a procedural model that will automatically place gears into a scene and allow the user to determine the look of the gear with tooth count, depth and sizes, and the cool part is that in this set up Houdini will auto calculate gear size and tooth count for proper gear rotations.

Ari notes once more, that this is not a Houdini “First Steps” series, these will be a part of the “Next Step” series, which means that you need to already know how to use expressions in Houdini, VOPs, and some Python scripting.