David Torno hosts a new After Effects script writing series on provideocoalition, where he walks through the process of creating scripts using Adobe’s Scripting language, ExtendScript.

This is a weekly series focused on teaching you, the After Effects artist, how to create scripts using the ExtendScript programming language

This series will be for the After Effects user, showing how to improve workflows in After Effects, speed up repetitive tasks, and provide a reference for both After Effects users new to scripting as well as the more seasoned programmers.

David Torno starts the ExtendScript series off showing with an introduction to ExtendScript in After Effects, and some resources for ExtendScript, with demonstrating the basics of using JavaScript and some tips along the way.

David notes that this is an introduction into getting started with programming in general, and as the series progresses, he will be showing how to create and use more advanced and useful code for After Effects. Check out the After Effects ExtendScript Training Parts 1, 2 and 3 here.