Ari Danesh takes a look at modeling and creating a building using Houdini with “traditional” modeling methods as a baseline to then convert the building into a procedural one, suitable for background and mid-ground buildings.

In Buildings Part 01 we learned how to create a building using traditional modeling techniques in Houdini. Now we will learn how to convert a one off model into a procedural model and wrap it up into an HDA

Starting with the windows, Ari shows how to wrap up the component into a digital asset, and then shows how to build the building footprint as a foundation.

On converting the building into a procedural one, Ari shows how to make it a little more artist friendly by building a VOP network to add attributes, Modify the primitive attributes, and create a visualizer for the attributes as a display or geometry.

Check out the tutorial for the Houdini Next Step Series, lesson 4 (two parts) Procedural Modeling here.