Mamoworld released a new version for its iExpressions for After Effects, which allows you to use expressions within After Effects without using any coding at all.

The free update to iExpressions allows you to create animations for wheels, gears, cogs, and other rotations easily with new additions to the physics library.

Today we release a new, free update of iExpressions which adds some expressions to the Physics Bundle

This opens up all sorts of possibilities, such as animating car tires that rotate correctly and automatically, creating mechanical animations such as the hands of a clock or watch, and of course, gears.

Animating gears can be a serious pain, but here, Mathias Möhl shows how easy it is to setup and use iExpressions for creating an animation involving multiple gears in After Effects, simply by rotating one gear and having the rest simply work almost physically.

Find out more about the latest release of iExpressions here.