A new installment gets added to the After Effects ExtendScript Script Writing Training Series from David Torno who covers the ItemCollection Object in ExtendScript that will allow you to add a Comp or add a Folder to After Effects projects.

this week we will be creating new comps and folders as well as creating Nulls, Solids and Text layers

David shows how to use the ItemCollection Object for creating compositions and folders in After Effects Projects, but also shows how to create other items in After Effects using ExtendScript such as new Nulls, Solids, and Text Layers, using the same concept, using the LayerCollection Object. Check out the tutorial for Creating Comps and Folders, Nulls, Solids, and Text Layers using ExtendScript here.

if you have missed the last episodes you can find them here: An Introduction to Using ExtendScript in After Effects Episodes 1, 2, & 3 Understanding the After Effects Object Model Structure Episode 4 Accessing Multiple Render Queue Items, Episode 5