Focusing on extrapolating After Effects Layer property information to a text file, David Torno demonstrates the building of the third full-length script in his After EFfects Extend Script Training Series.

David provides a look at building custom functions that will allow for the selection of layers and / or lauyer property groups in an After Effects composition and grab successive property group information.

This week we get to make our third full length script this episode is focused on exporting property information to a text document file

In essence, this three part episode shows how you are able to grab the property index, name, and matchName for nearly all of the properties of a layer, which, as David notes, is really handy information to have when creating scripts and sifting through specific AE property data.

In the end, the script will export key data information to a text file in an ordered list for each sub-property level, building a chart that can be referenced easily. Check out Episode 17 in three parts for David Torno’s After Effects ExtendScript Training Retrieving and Accessing Successive Properties from After Effects Layers in ExtendScript here.