If you use After Effects for creating motion graphics, the Motion Boutique’s Connect Layers Script is a must. Just get it- It is simple to use, and provides some fantastic results.

The Motion Boutique originally created the Connect Layers After Effects Script to help visualize the joint relationships in Newton 2, however, in seeing that it can do a lot more, the Motion Boutique is sharing the script.

Connect Layers will connect the selected After Effects Layers with a few varieties of connections that are created with Shape Layers.

This script connects the selected layers with segments or triangles created with shape layers, It was originally created to visualize Newton2 joints but as you will see, it can do much more

The After Effects Connect Layers Script offers three types of connections, with a Spanning tree, Delaunay triangulation & 2D rope connection. The rope connection type will create a single shape layer with a path that will connect the selected layers in 2D, using the AutoBezier options to get a rounded joint look.

The Spanning tree connection draws each edge with a 2D shape layer and also has 3D support, and the Triangulation method will draw each esge with a shape layer, both 2D or 3D, and provides some great options for how the triangles are displayed, either as an outline or even filled.

to find out more about the After Effects Connect Layers Script, and to download, check out the Motion Boutiques post here.